Past Kitten

Rusty with 8 months....he living as pet with brother Ricky and Arabella

Roshana living in a Cattery in Switzerland


Quirin living in a Cattery in Switzerland



Olympia stay in the Cattery



Kaija stay in the cattery



Indian Flower living in the Cattery vom Litternaring, Switzerland                           her brother Ingvar Sven living als pet in Switzerland


Happy stay in the cattery , my hopfule smoke Exotic shorthair girl


Hank and Homer living happy with Brigitte in Brig, Switzerland





Emilia living in a Cattery in Switzerland



Eleonora   Ebony

Eleonora & Ebony living happy in Switzerland, Cattery vom Litternaring   




Dante       Dimitri

                                                                                                                      Dimitri stay in the Cattery 




Barnabas                         Fleurli



Angelina & Anna Lena living happy als pet in a big family in Mollis, Switzerland

Anna Lena               Arabella

                                                                                              Arabella living als pet in Buchs SG, Switzerland


Anwaar living in Germany, Kimama`s Cattery